Hachimankado Ama Hut

Osatsu, Toba boasts the highest number of active ama divers in Japan. Located by the sea, the Hachimankado Ama Hut is a popular spot offering a number of ways to experience this tradition by female free divers.

Ama divers form a group of four or five divers and share a hut. During the season, huts appear on the coast near fishing grounds, featuring hearths in the middle of the hut. Even today, we can see amas continue the tradition of sitting by the hearth to warm their bodies before and after fishing. Ama huts are not usually open to the public; however the Hachimankado Ama Hut opened its doors in order to share this traditional culture with visitors.

Inside, Reiko Nomura, a diver in her eighties, will tell you about the ama culture and the fish that they catch. She’ll also get you to grill some freshly caught seafood. Amas dive to the ocean floor to catch fish without using an oxygen tank. They do so using a weight belt of 6 to 7 kg. In the hut, you can try on their equipment, as well as their traditional outfits. You can even dance to local music around the hearth, allowing you to get a taste of traditional ama culture.

April 30, 2016



Toba-Osatsu Hachimankado Ama Hut
819 Osatsu, Toba-shi, Mie-ken
TEL: 0599-33-1023
http://amakoya.com/english page.htm