Toba Sea-Folk Museum


The Toba Sea-Folk Museum is said to contain everything to do with the sea. Located in Uramura Town, where oyster farming is popular, the vast and fertile sea surrounds the museum. Inside the museum, there are over 60,000 files documenting facts about the history, culture and customs in the Toba/Ise area, mostly pertaining to local fishing villages. Visitors are allowed to touch many of the displays, allowing for a better understanding and enjoyment of the museum. Among the displays, the Ship’s Storehouse is a must-see. The collection of vintage fishing boats from across Japan and abroad is impressive. Comprehensive brochures are also available in several languages.

April 30, 2016



Toba Sea-Folk Museum
1731-68 Ogitsu, Uramura-machi, Toba-shi, Mie-ken