In Toba, there are lighthouses on most of the capes. For a panorama of the islands in the inner sea of Shima Peninsula, head to the Yokoyama Observatory. This is the best place to view the indented coastline characteristic to the region. The Toba Observatory, located at the top of a mountain hovering over the sea, also offers a superb view. The restaurant near this observatory offers an equally impressive panorama of the Pacific Ocean, which can be enjoyed with a leisurely cup of tea. From Daiozaki Observatory, located on the southeast end of the Shima Peninsula where the waters are rough, visitors can experience a perfect 360-degree panorama. This chalk-white lighthouse has been the subject of many poets and painters over the last century. The 300-year-old Anorisaki Lighthouse ranks in the top 50 lighthouses of Japan, and the adjoining park is a great place to enjoy a picnic.

April 30, 2016



Yokoyama Observatory (Ise-Shima National Park Yokoyama Visitor Center)

Toba Observatory

Daiozaki Observatory
http://daiozaki.com/ (Japanese only)

Anorisaki Observatory
http://anorisaki.com/ (Japanese only)