Local Produce- Dairy, Wine and Wheat

Furano, Biei and even the airport town of Asahikawa have a dairy and wheat industry like nowhere else in Japan. The Cheese factory in Furano produces tonnes upon tonnes of cheese daily. So much, in fact, that they have opened a pizzeria and an ice-cream parlor next-door. Make sure to sample original cheeses such as squid-ink camembert, red-wine cheese or their classic white cheddar. Here you can also purchase Furano Milk, a full-fat genuine milk that knocks the socks off anything you can find in the supermarket. Add that to their delicious, spreadable butter and drinkable yoghurt and that’s about all the dairy one person can handle.


Furano Winery produces a variety of wines available for sample, from locally-sourced vineyards. Deep in their cool, dusty cellars live wines bottled from 1974, and a time capsule of wines not to be opened until 2104. But don’t fret- they have a wine shop on the 2nd floor for you to stock up. Recently, wheat has become something of an easy-grow in this area. As a result, freshly baked bread is now available. If the home-baked taste of a bread-loaf is something you crave, you have found your salvation.


August 04, 2016



The Furano Cheese Factory
Nakagoku, Furano-shi, Hokkaido

The Furano City Grape Juice Research Station
Shimizuyama, Furano-shi, Hokkaido