Cycling Tours

“Many tourists come to Japan to experience energetic Tokyo, or the beautiful old city of Kyoto, both of which are fascinating. But if you fancy something different, how about getting on a bicycle?” Advice from Adam Cobain, an Australian responsible for organising cycling tours called Ride Japan. With more than 25 years’ cycling experience and a familiarity with the routes of Japan, he explains, “It’s so exhilarating to cycle up and down mountains and rivers. That’s the greatest part about using a bicycle in Minakami.” Ride Japan offers fully supported tours for every guest, from beginner to professional. The tours vary from a few days’ cycling trips from Minakami to Nagano and Mt. Fuji, to a one-day classic tour. Not only are these tours perfect to enjoy cycling, you will also be able to enjoy rich nature, local culture and communicate with the locals at Udon and Ramen restaurants.

April 29, 2016



Ride Japan