Outdoor Activities for Each Season

Minakami in Gunma Prefecture is most famous for Hoshi Hot Springs. Here, you will also find the source of the Tone River, the second-longest in Japan, and an abundance of natural beauty, such as the magnificent Mt. Tanigawa and the ridges of surrounding mountains. You can enjoy walking along the Tone River from the fresh greenery of springtime to the red splashes of autumn. There are are also many other dynamic activities available to help you experience the magnificent nature this area has to offer.

In Spring

One famous activity in Minakami is rafting down the snow-flushed river. Mike Harris from New Zealand has lived in Minakami for over 20 years and is the owner of Canyons, an outdoor tour company. He explains, “Rafting at Minakami provides passengers with a thrilling and exciting experience. This river offers a Level 4 rafting challenge.” To note, May is seen the best time for rafting here, as the water is still cold but the flow more controlled than in the summer.

In Summer

Connect with and embrace Mother Nature in a Canyoning adventure, involving slides, jumps and roped descents from waterfalls.

In Autumn

Alongside exhiliarating experiences like Bungee Jumping, Paragliding and Mountain Biking, autumn is the greatest season for canoeing at Naramata and Akatani Lakes. Enjoy the beautiful autumn colours with a relaxing drift along the lakes.

In Winter

Minakami lies covered with deep snow, so many skiers come to enjoy the skiing every winter. For those of an Intermediate skill level, the Hodaigi ski course is recommended. There are 10 ski courses in Minakami, and although the Tenjindiara course isn’t very big, you can ski along the ridges of the ropeway like back-country skiing.

If you are not a ski enthusiast, how about snowshoeing? Canyons offers a winter tour to admire the deep snow, including the 1,000 metre snow walls in Ichinokurasawa. Don’t forget to check out Ohyu Cave and see the bamboo shoot icicles (named due to their appearance).

April 29, 2016



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