Stargazing at Mt. Tanigawa-dake & Tenjin-daira Ski Resort


Tenjin-daira extends along the ridge of Mt. Tanigawa-dake and is famous as a ski resort. From the end of summer into autumn, stargazing clubs are held at night. Mt. Tanigawa-dake reaches 1,319 metres above sea level, allowing views of a star-filled sky away from the lights of the city. During this season, the ropeway runs from Doai Station at the foot of the mountain, to Tenjin Daira – even at night! It takes only 15 minutes to get there from the foot of the mountain.

TIP: Doai Station, the nearest station from the boarding area of the ropeway, is located underground. You need to descend 462 steps (about 10 minutes) to the platform, which is located 70 meters in the ground.

April 29, 2016



Tenjin-daira Ski Resort

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