Yugashima Gold Club Golf Course

A fantastic resort featuring a hotel, spa and golf course. The course is essentially flat, without many inclines, making it perfect even for beginners. Resort gold courses provide an experience you cannot find anywhere else, the beautiful surroundings make time fly by. Engulfed in a plethora of wonderful trees, from Rhododendron and Cedar, Cypress, Pine and Cherry blossom, you can appreciate all seasons here. Feel free to play games on the course by yourself, and navigate the area in a golf buggy. With a natural hot-spring flowing in the grounds, the hotel offers 2 natural baths; a large indoor bath and an outdoor hot-spring. If you choose to stay here, hot-springs are offered in each room. Enjoy a cleansing bath after your game while admiring spectacular 180-degree views of the grounds.

June 05, 2016



2571-10 Yugashima,Izu-shi,Shizuoka-ken