Shuzenji Hot Spring Town

Known as the little Kyoto of Izu, Shuzenji is Izu’s oldest hot-springs. Along the Katsura river, which runs through the town, you can find refreshing bamboo forests, red-painted bridges, quaint shops and foot baths. A stroll through this lovely town allows you to feel like you’re in some ancient city. The hot-springs are located around Shuzenji town, founded by the famous priest Kukai. The bridges cascade over flowing rivers, leading to small alleys lined with shops and hot-spring inns. Hie Temple is a definite point of interest; built in 807 and also created by Kukai, it tells the story of the hot-springs here. When you pass through the middle of the Kodakara Cedar Tree, it is said that you will have healthy children.

June 05, 2016



838-1 Shuzenji, Izu-shi, Shizuoka-ken