World Heritage Site- Nirayama Reverberatory Furnaces

In Izunokuni City, Shizuoka lie the Nirayama Reverberatory Furnaces- the only furnaces to remain in Japan. Recently awarded World Heritage Site status by UNESCO, these were originally built by Egawa Hidetatsu, an Edo-period magistrate and were completed by his son, Hidetoshi. These furnaces specialise in dissolving metals used to make artillery equipment. Naturally, to melt metals such as pig-iron, several thousand degrees of heat is required, and the furnaces are intricately designed with a shallow, dome-shaped ceiling which reflects heat and flames- hence the name ‘Reverberatory’. At 15.7 metres tall, these are a fascinating site to behold, and many craftsmen have worked here since it’s completion.

June 14, 2016



268-1Nakaazanarutakiiri, Izunokuni-shi, Shizuoka-ken
TEL: 055-949-3450

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