Lucky Sake


While in the region, take a moment to savor the local sake. Many brewers, such as Urakasumi and Ichinokura, offer tours and tastings. Mutoya in Matsushima and Aihara Saketen in Shiogama are shops where you can also taste and purchase the local sake. We recommend the offerings of Niizawa Brewery, established in 1873, whose brew master is known to have a “divine palate.” Despite sustaining major damage from the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011, this legendary institution continues to brew extraordinary sake. Its signature brand, Hakurakusei, is a full-bodied, long-legged sake that pairs well with dishes that have a strong flavor. And… Are you ready for this? Their Zankyo Super 7 is made by polishing rice grains down to 7% of their original size – a painstaking process that takes a whopping 350 hours. This is a near-impossible-to-find item that’s equivalent to a gift from the gods. Depending on your karma, you just might come across a bottle of Zankyo Super 7. And if you do, don’t hesitate to make the investment.


June 05, 2016