Mt Amagi Tunnel

Mt Amagi Tunnel, also known as the Old Amagi Tunnel, is situated in Amagitoge, 711 meters above sea-level and placed between north and south Izu. Completed in 1905, this tunnel connects Izu City and Kawazu Town. It’s a fairly small tunnel compared to modern architecture, with a width of 4.1 meters and a height of 4.2 meters. Registered as an important cultural asset of Japan in 2001, it is the longest and oldest stone-road tunnel in the country. Built using the Ishinomaki Cutting method, popular in the Meiji period and using Yoshide stones from old Ohito Town, it stretches for 445 meters. The works of many famous authors here feature this tunnel in their stories. Take a hike along one of the oldest remaining tunnels!

June 05, 2016



Between Yugashima Izu-shi and Kawazu-cho