Kyohei Fujita Museum of Glass

Born in 1921, Kyohei Fujita is a Japanese glass artist known for his intricate ornamental boxes, golden and breathtakingly colorful. After graduating from the Tokyo Academy of Arts (now Tokyo National University of Fine Arts & Music), Fujita became an independent glass artist in post-war Japan when there were few artists working with this medium. A pioneer in his field, Fujita was the first glass artist to receive the Order of Culture in Japan. His work has also been featured at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Seeing the artwork on display at the
Kyohei Fujita Museum of Glass will make you think twice about your image of glass as simply something transparent. Don’t forget to sit back with a cup of traditional matcha tea in the seaside garden.

May 25, 2016



Kyohei Fujita Museum of Glass
1-4 Takagijihama Matsushimamachi, Miyagiken
http://www.ichinobo.com/museum/ (Japanese only)