Horai paper cutouts

Usually, decorations in temples are made of straw, but because of its location and geography, straw was hard to come by in Koyasan. As an alternative to straw decorations, Kobo Daishi invented paper cutouts, which you’ll see all over Koyasan.
Some temples offer Horai making to their guests. You’ll be given you a sheet of locally handmade Japanese rice paper, a cutting pad and a cutter. They’ll also give you a drawing, which you’ll use as a guide to cut out the shaded areas. When you’re done, you put a sheet of red paper behind the Japanese rice paper, and voila! You’ve made a paper cutout of a scene from Buddhist culture.
Only available at some temples.

July 05, 2016



657, Koyasan, Koya-cho Ito-gun, Wakayama


http://fukuchiin.com/experience/ (Japanese only)