The Blue Pond

Shirogane Hot Spring, which bubbles at the foot of Tokachidake, is the perfect place to enjoy the changing of the seasons while exploring the surrounding forest. Inside the hot springs, the “Blue Pond”, featuresing water that seems to change color depending on the season, time and angle and is popular is as one of the “stunning views of Japan to see before you die”. Some say that the reason that it appears blue, is that the water flowing from the river, that starts in the middle of Tokachidake, contains aluminum which then, and when it mixes with the Biei River, which runs from the foot of Shirahige waterfall, leading to an invisible colloid being is formed. However it has yet to been proved that this is the case. The Shirahige waterfall is a refreshing cobalt blue, giving it a spectacular appearance look. From the blue pond to the Shirahige waterfall, there is a promenade, allowing you to fully enjoy the forest. The blue of the pond is called “Biei Blue”, and is visited by people who are fascinated by the mysterious natural phenomenon that results in this the blue water.

August 04, 2016



Shirokane, Biei-machi, Kamigawa-gun, Hokkaido